Industrias Hidráulicas, S.A.

manufactures and distributes machinery and equipment goods for raw material recycling,

mostly ferrous and non ferrous scrap recycling and paper

Industrias Hidráulicas, S.A. has the following management strategic goals:

  • To achive customer satisfaction by fullfiling the contract requirements, keeping on competitive prices as well as delivering quick response.
  • In the continuous improvement setting, our target is to keep up a high innovation level in the development and production of our product and services, a high innovation level.
  • To accomplish the legal frame, regarding all activities in the company.
  • To get maximal quality motivation in all collaborators.

To achieve these objectives Industrias Hidráulicas, S.A. management drives as follows:

  • To set up and maintain an efficient quality management system, planned and developed together with the other tasks of management.
  • The conformity of the work to the contract and legal requirements will always be supported by objective results in the quality management system framework.
  • To ensure that the management as well as the technical and production teams, are aware of the objectives and company policy throughout an all levels training program.
  • To ensure that the policy is communicated to the staff and it is available for the customers and all other agents involved with Industrias Hidráulicas, S.A.

The Industrias Hidráulicas S.A. quality system is based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 requirements.


ISO 9001 2008